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The journey.


Fireside Chat: The Raw Truth

Hi, everyone. Today in episode 17, we’ll be taking the gloves off and looking at the raw truth of facing reality. Imagine yourself sitting by a warm fire. Can you hear the wood popping?...


Is There Anybody Out There?

Hi, everyone. Today in episode 16, we’ll be looking at “Is There Anybody Out There?”. Do you ever feel like you’re shouting into the void with your online marketing efforts? Like you’re spinning your...


Mind Shifting: Abounding in Hope

Hi, everyone. Today in episode 15, we’ll be looking at “Mind Shifting: Abounding in Hope”. This week as I was in the car going to a doctor’s appointment SJ turned on a sermon about...


The Top-Secret Mind Shifting Challenge

Hi, everyone. Today in episode 13, we will be introducing the first of several top-secret mind shifting challenges. Each challenge will build upon previous ones. The goal is to lead the way in teaching...


Transition Motivation

Hi! CJ here. Today in episode 10, we’re going to discuss the transition between the first nine episodes, where we discussed things like mindset, creating your why, constructive criticism and goals, to our next...


The Power of Constructive Criticism

Hi, in today’s post we’re going to look at lessons we can learn from embracing the power of constructive criticism. I had to learn to embrace constructive criticism when I started holding different offices...