About Our Mission

Why Marketing

Throughout the years CJ and SJ have had a strong desire to operate their own business and have tried various ventures, some have flopped and others mildly successful. After spending thousands of dollars on coaching, mentoring and trainings they realized that the heartbeat of all their business ventures was missing. What was the heartbeat?

The knowledge and skills to effectively market their companies, products and services.

Armed with this knowledge they froze all their other business ventures and have solely focused on marketing. Armed with the power of marketing they truly believe any business can thrive. Their desire is, while on this journey, to share with you their successes and pitfalls so your marketing heartbeat can thrive.

Our Partners

CJSJ Marketing and 5 Talents Group believe in providing the best coaching, mentoring and products to help individuals and businesses jumpstart or grow their marketing skills and knowledge. To accomplish this we strive to only partner with top notch and cutting-edge marketing companies. Before we partner with a company for a particular product or service it is heavily screened to weed out the vast sea of internet marketing junk. All products and services are tested in their entirety before choosing to add it as an offering to you.

Our Vision and Mission

CJSJ Marketing and 5 Talents Group’s vision and mission come from a book The Barnabas Factor by Aubrey Johnson. The purpose of the book is to teach people to become a godly encourager of those around them. Here at CJSJ Marketing our goal is to help, equip, mentor and encourage individuals and businesses to reach their God-given maximum potential. In today’s world there is so much negative surrounding everyone and not enough encouragers; people willing to help, equip and mentor others. Our mission is to fill that gap and be a light that shines and gives hope and encouragement to help individuals and businesses thrive.

Follow the Journey

Each week CJSJ Marketing will be posting a new article on various marketing subjects, with an occasional one on how the marketing journey is going.