Fireside Chat: The Raw Truth

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  1. Eleanor Hope says:

    Your 4 tips are important but I find it difficult especially, Remove Distractions: – Everywhere I turn I can be distracted, as I am interested in so much!!

    But being Organized does help and I can feel a lift when my home and office are clean and I love the feeling I get when my laptop is clear.

    Yes love this tip. Setting Reasonable Goals is very important, you don’t want to get blocked before you start.

    Now this tip to Prioritize Ruthlessly is what I need to work on. It’s where the work needs to start.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Tony says:

    I regularly make lists of the days “To Do”s only to find that at the end of the day I have done 3 out of seven! But thats OK by me, thats three things I did get done.

    Of course I would like to achieve more, be more focused,be more disciplied, but I am not and I have come to terms with that. We all have out limitations and personality traits, and we need to adapt to our own circumstances. Thats for the reminder and well done on all you achieve.

  3. Andy Jacobs says:

    Hi CJ and SJ,
    I know what you’re saying. Life just gets in the way sometimes, but I am reassured when I keep hearing that any progress, not matter how small is still progress. How you guys keep on doing what you do with so many setbacks and obstacles is absolutely admirable. My very best wishes to you both.

  4. Marc says:

    Hi CJ,
    Thank you for the fireplace and warm interaction. I’m thinking back at what you said here and the reality that I’m also facing and as you so well said it: forward is forward.
    I know that I may not be at the place I’d want to be right now but I know that I’m further ahead than I was before.
    Taking the time to sit down and look at the limitations, both time and physical, is also so very important. I’ve found out that even though my mind says “you’re still a young pup” my body is replying: “dream on kid, you’re pushing 57 next week!”.
    Take care my friend and always a pleasure to read about your journey.

  5. CJ, I feel like I can sit here and feel the fire as I’m reading your message. I’m so glad I read this tonight… you are and continue to be such an inspiration.

    I also want to share something that I tend to not share with a lot of other people: I feel like I’m in a similar situation as you, and when I say I can relate…I feel I really can relate. I once operated a very busy practice. It was long hours of hard work. I was a machine and I did it well. But then after a while, I burnt out. That part you may have heard me say before… but what many don’t know is that I can’t operate anywhere near like I used to. I find myself getting much more fatigued than I used to. My brain just says, “nope, not today.” I have to take way more breaks than I used to. So… I say all this to say that I understand that. It’s been very frustrating and I used to be concerned something is wrong with me. I then realized that “my body, my mind has changed, and I just don’t do things like I used to anymore. Nothing wrong it that, there’s nothing the matter, it just is. My brain was “beat down” for a while… and it just doesn’t function like it used to. With this newfound epiphany, I find it helps to just give myself a little more grace. It’s the new “Lauren,” and that’s okay.

    I loved reading this post, Thank you for sharing.

  6. Nathan says:

    I’ve had to learn to be ruthless in my priorities. I’m a person with way too many ideas and things I’d like to do – I can’t get them all done. I learned a long time ago there were things I’d just have to give up, so I could accomplish those things that were most important to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get anything done.

  7. Hi CJ,
    Life will happen to all of us at some point and time, but what matters is how you deal with it. I always try to have a positive outlook on everything. My mother taught me this and still does today. I’ll hear her say to me if things get a little tough,”just think of the positive side of it.” She’s a great women!
    If we all can keep a positive outlook, stay focused, and dedicated to what we’re doing then it will all work out in the end. Here’s to staying positive!
    Thanks CJ

  8. CJ, very timely tips, and so relevant. I often get caught up in multiple distractions every day that take time away from my business. It is a constant struggle. Prioritizing is obviously key, plus the determination to stay focused and recognizing your limitations. I really liked the Fireside Chat style. Well done.

  9. Hi, CJ!
    The great thing about our affiliate marketing businesses is they can grow at our own pace. My mentor says we can make progress in just one hour a day. Though I often want to put more time into my business than I have, I must remember there is no race. We have time and the freedom to set our own pace.

    This is a very challenging concept to accept because I know I “want to get there” as soon as possible.
    But we are already there. Our businesses are in place, and we’re just at the beginning of the timeline.
    You’ve got this! You can feel great about using the time you have on your business to the best of your ability. Meanwhile, take the time you need to let your body rest and relax your mind. You can even look at that time resting as the time you need to take in order to build your business. It’s part of the overall process.
    Best of health and well wishes to you, my friend!

  10. Hi CJ,
    You are such an inspiration because you show such determination in reaching your goals. But I hope your health doesn’t suffer too much if you are under a lot of stress from the pressure we feel when things in our business don’t go according to plan.
    It is lovely to even have a fireplace to sit beside. Even more relaxing if you toast marshmallows and share with friends or family.

  11. I am in awe of your resilience and self-starting attitude. When I realized the importance of attitude sometime in the early 1980’s, my life changed. Attitude is everything. I think it has the same vibe as “mindset!” This business is peppered with opportunities for growth and self-improvement!

  12. Robert Klein says:

    You’re right, CJ. Life does happen. I’m all for forward momentum and your 4 tips to accomplish that certainly help. And I might add that if some of the goals you set are unreasonable – the prioritization will help you get the important things done first.

    Fireside chats are very much so – therapeutic. Good chat.

  13. Atif Perwiz says:

    CJ, I just wanted to say how much I admire your resilience and positive outlook in the face of your health challenges. It takes a lot of courage to keep pushing forward, especially when life throws obstacles your way. Your determination to adapt and find ways to work within your limitations is truly inspiring. Remember, every small step forward counts, and your commitment to making progress despite the setbacks is commendable. Keep moving forward, and know that you’ve got this! Thanks, Atif

  14. CJ, you saved me this week. Your words helped me to shift my mind and go from doo mand gloom to owning my actions, understanding life happens, and pivoting and adjusting so I can continue to move forward. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without your words this week. I was really in a dark place. Thank you for helping me embrace my limitations and adapt!

  15. Ernie says:

    We all hate it we have limitations. It is hard to admit we can’t do everything. We feel like we let people down personally and professionally. Your thoughts on embracing limitations and adjusting to accomplish goals are refreshing! I think I’ll tray that today! Thanks!

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