Is There Anybody Out There?

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  1. CJ, I feel like you’re speaking RIGHT TO ME here! I’m in a place right now where I’m experimenting with different ideas for my social media videos… seeing what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it feels like I’m talking into the abyss, and that only tends to breed discouragement. I appreciated reading this today, as it was a big help to keep me on track and focused. Thank you for helping me continue to move forward in my online journey!

  2. Hi CJ & SJ,
    The online biz world can definitely be hard to manage and challenging. I appreciate your guide 6 ways to minimize that frustration and overwhelm. I will come in handy as a go to list for when these feelings arise. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi CJ and SJ!
    This a wonderful reminder that although we may be alone at the computer trying to continue our content creation and grow our business, we are NOT alone. There are so many resources, communities, etc., as you mentioned, that are ready and willing to be supportive! This is important to remember, especially if you don’t have the physical support around you to encourage you to keep going!
    Thank you for this inspiration today!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  4. Atif Perwiz says:

    CJ, Your post really hit close to home for me. I know exactly what it feels like to be lost in the vastness of online marketing, every step forward feeling like a leap into uncertainty. Your insights about the overwhelming nature of the digital world and the endless tasks involved really resonated with me. I’ve often wondered if these feelings of overwhelm will ever ease up, so your reassurance was a relief. Your tips on minimising frustration and finding clarity were spot-on, especially about tapping into experts and staying focused on providing value to our audience.

    I’m definitely taking your advice to heart, breaking down my goals into manageable steps and keeping a positive mindset. Your reminder that we’re not alone in this journey and that there’s support out there was truly uplifting. You have given me so much support for which I thank you. Thanks, Atif

  5. CJ,
    Yes we must embrace the fact that we will be uncomfortable and get used to it. I believe this feeling will keep us seeking more. More learning, more advice, more success from our business. This feeling of “Is anyone out there” is spot on. It can feel like we are lost and not making progress, but our progress is made every day we show up and work on our business. Thank you for the tips on the 6 ways to minimize frustration often as I feel frustrated often.

  6. Martin says:

    Thank you VJ and SJ! It is always comforting knowing we are not alone with these feelings of being overwhelmed. Stay focus is what I try to do. I’m on TikTok actually where it could be tempting to boost your number of followers “artificially” but at the end, these are just empty followers that are no longer interested by you and what you do. For my business I seek interested followers as far as possible. It takes more time to grow your audience but creating relationships actually takes time.

  7. Nathan says:

    One step at a time is a good one – I break the tasks down into to-do lists, organizing what needs to be done now, and then what needs to come next definitely helps me deal with stress

  8. Vanessa Lea says:

    Oh my, this is spot on, guys. You hit the nail on the head. It’s not just thinking that it will get easier…it’s how you decide whether it gets more accessible, and you can only move forward regardless of the stress and frustration. So many people get into this rut of not seeing results for their efforts and decide to quit or move on to something else promising to be shinier and more profitable. It doesn’t exist. Nothing will ever work as long as you cannot stay consistent with anything. It has taken me years to figure this out. I wish I did 10 years ago but better late than never. I always enjoy reading your blog and following along on your journey. Thank you for another great post.

  9. Hi CJ,
    Stepping out of your comfort zone is always hard for people to do. I struggle with it myself. It is very necessary to do so in business. I’m trying to get better with that. Mindset is everything… This will be one post I will have to come back to. Thank you for your post. Take care.

  10. Sasha Darris says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights! Navigating the world of online marketing can indeed feel overwhelming at times, but your tips offer a clear roadmap for staying focused and overcoming those challenges. I especially resonate with the idea of seeking support from experts and breaking tasks into manageable steps. Looking forward to applying these strategies in my own journey!

  11. Eleanor Hope says:

    Working outside your comfort zone is uncomfortable but keeping in mind your 6 points are good reminders to reach out for help (that I am not the best at) but have been slowly adjusting to it as talking to others reduces the challenges I am facing. Thanks for this checklist.

  12. Sarah Goulding says:

    I resonated with your blog post! This is me! The 6 ways have been noted and the post will be bookmarked to calm me down the next time I feel the frustration rising.
    I did start your 30 day challenge, and it massively helped me. I have found myself calmer and talking challenges head on but sometimes negative people around me has affected me. It’s hard to be positive when surrounded by negative Nellie’s.
    This will work, I’m not giving up and I’m looking to see what I’ve achieved at the end. I look forward to reading your posts and following your journey. Thank you for sharing it.

  13. Ernie says:

    Hey CJ and SJ! This is me…you just described me. The six ways to minimize the frustration of the void are essential to follow. Thank you for listing them. These are so good it is tempting to hit print (in this paperless world) and post them to be reminded there is a way to get out of the feelings you described. While I feel all the things you mentioned, I can add I also add “Have Hope and Keep Faith” to the six ways to minimize the frustration of the void. I try to feel hopeful and optimistic (most of the time anyway 🙂 ) in the midst of my anxiety. Take care and have a great week!

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