Mind Shifting: Abounding in Hope

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  1. James Coe says:

    Hey CJ, wow you provide a ton of value with your blog post. I really like your mix of images. I think it keeps you more engaged. It’s so important how you share your experiences in your post. In fact, it helps build trust with me. You’re becoming a source of educational content in a sea of little value content.

    • CJ says:


      I appreciate your kind comments and pray everyday that what I do influences someone to move closer to their dreams and abound in hope.

      Have an awesome day 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    Hi CJ, we are so focused on promoting a product that we forget about the real value we are providing. However the essence is there, in the core value we are providing to others. In your post I learned hope is the one and I think this should be an intrinsic part of our WHY. “Why do you want to build on online business? -It’s to give hope to people that needs it…”
    That is once I will find success, I will have plenty of hope to share with others. 😊
    Awesome post!
    Thank you!

  3. Vanessa Lea says:

    I like this CJ.. This helps you to redefine why we’re here. We’re to solve other people’s problems, whether providing hope for those who need and want a better life or helping others to want and deserve more for themselves by doing something they love versus doing what someone else wants them to do. This business is a win-win for both. If I could teach just one person the value of honesty, integrity, and hope in this industry, that would make me happy. I wish there had been someone way back when I started this journey who could have provided me with those values and concepts then, but I’m happy I found it now! Great Post!!

    • CJ says:


      Your comment It’s a beautiful reminder that our purpose lies in serving others and making a meaningful difference in their lives. By embodying values like honesty, integrity, and hope, we not only uplift those around us but also cultivate a culture of empowerment and fulfillment. Your commitment to sharing these principles is admirable, and it reflects a genuine desire to see others thrive. I share your sentiment about the importance of having mentors who impart such wisdom early in our journey, but discovering it now is a testament to our continuous growth and evolution. Let’s continue to embrace this ethos and pave the way for a brighter, more purposeful future.


  4. What a great post. A new way of looking at what we are doing, and why. Lack of hope is so prevalent today across all ages. It’s also so true how listening to something unrelated to our business can actually be so relevant and applicable, if we think about it. Great site!

    • CJ says:


      Thank you for the kind words!

      It’s refreshing to hear that the post offered a new perspective. In a world where hope is often lacking, our mission to inspire and uplift others becomes even more vital. I’m glad you found value in the idea that insights from unexpected places can be remarkably relevant.

      Your support means a lot, and I’m excited to continue this journey together.

      May you be a beacon of hope!!

  5. CJ,
    What a powerful post. You have hit the nail on the head. We are in the business of of giving hope while having integrity and providing encouragement.. Yes we must be confident in ourselves and genuinely care for others and their success.

    • CJ says:

      Absolutely, your sentiment echoes the core essence of the message. Being in the business of giving hope, grounded in integrity and encouragement, is indeed a powerful concept. Confidence in ourselves and genuine care for others are fundamental pillars that not only drive success but also foster a sense of fulfillment and purpose in what we do.

      Thank you for highlighting these crucial points and for embracing the idea wholeheartedly.

      Let’s continue to uphold these principles as we navigate our journey together.

  6. Hi CJ,
    Hope is what keeps me going everyday, and has kept me going all these years in life. I think it applies in business as well. Great post and layout you gave today. Thank you!

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for your comments!

      I agree hope is what keeps everyone going every days. It is hope that gives us a reason for living. That is why when you are serving your audience you are providing them with hope. Hope that you will keep your promise, hope that the product or service will deliver, hope that it will meet their dreams and so much more. Yes, we sell products and services but we are first and foremost in the business of providing hope.

      May you be a hope builder!

  7. Atif Perwiz says:

    CJ, Wow, what an eye-opening post! Shifting our mindset from being in the online/affiliate marketing business to being in the business of providing hope is truly transformative. Your insight into cultivating and nurturing hope within ourselves and our audience is invaluable. I especially resonated with the emphasis on integrity and genuine care for others. Thank you for sharing such inspiring wisdom and for the link to the sermon. Can’t wait to dive deeper into this journey of mind-shifting with you. Thanks, Atif

    • CJ says:

      thank you so much for your heartfelt response! I’m thrilled that my post resonated with you and that you found value in the perspective shift towards providing hope. Indeed, nurturing hope within ourselves and our audience can truly be transformative. Integrity and genuine care are essential ingredients in this journey, and I’m glad you connected with those aspects. I’m excited to embark on this mind-shifting journey together with you. Let’s continue to inspire each other along the way.

      Have an awesome day!

  8. Nathan says:

    I love this post, you hooked my attention, drew me in, and delivered.

    I think the problem with any business is that many people are genuinely trying to help people solve their problems, make their lives better, and deliver on their promises. But there are a few people who prey on people’s hope, and when they don’t deliver that can crush their spirits and steal their hope.

    Let’s be part of the group that gives hope, and delivers on the hope that’s entrusted to us.

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for your comments on how the blog post was structured. I have been working on how to write my blog posts so they provide value and keep the readers attention. Your feedback on this is very helpful.

      Also, I agree that there are people out there that look to serve their audience with distinction.

      May you be the beacon of hope to your audience.

  9. This post is incredible; I hope you don’t mind I shared it on my Facebook page. I absolutely love the perspective!!!

    • CJ says:


      I am glad you found value in the post! I’m more than happy to have you share it on your Facebook page. The more people that realize that they are not just in the business of selling things but are in the business of providing hope, the better off this world will be.

      My you be the beacon of hope for the people you serve.

  10. Ernie says:

    This post is all about helping people. I truly love this, CJ! Your kind heart resonates and will lead you to much success. The question you asked yourself at the start of this post is so key and important to force one to realize why they are in this business. Obviously, you want to help people and I believe that will come back 10-fold! Wishing you tremendous success!

    • CJ says:


      As I’ve stated in my past blogs every word I write on my blog comes from the heart. The question I posed, “What Business Are You In” is something every entrepreneur MUST ask themselves. Are they in business to sell things or to change the lives of the people they serve.

      For me I am in the business of changing lives and providing hope!

      I choose to use Online/Affiliate marketing as one way to achieve this goal. However, it is just one of many vehicles that could be used to accomplish this.

      Thanks for you comment and serve your audience with distinction.


  11. This post is so powerful, CJ. Not to sound too cliche here, but it’s almost too powerful, maybe too important to be “just a blog post.” If people only understand what Ray Kroc was actually saying about being “in the people business,” I think it would surely change the lives of many. Absolute, without a doubt, life-changing. You are right: those like us that are working on building affiliate marketing businesses, we are NOT in the affiliate marketing business, we are in the helping to “change people’s lives” business. That feels much better to my soul than to say I’m in the affiliate marketing business. Thank you for the perspective shift. I hope others find as much value in this as I did.

    • CJ says:


      I agree it is a very powerful and deep thought. If one truly understands that we are in the hope business, it can transform one’s business. For people are looking for someone to stand up and show them a path that provides them with hope. Once you embrace the thought process, how can it not change how you look at doing business. It becomes so much more important than just selling a product or service.

      You are providing hope to those that are looking for it.

      May you provide hope to those you serve.

  12. Hi CJ, I resonate deeply with your words in this post, particularly the emphasis on helping others while also helping ourselves. Unfortunately, not many people share our intentions. I also appreciate the sermon and thank you for sharing that valuable video. Hoping you feeling better.
    All the best in your journey.

    • CJ says:


      I am glad the post resonated with you! We MUST always remember we are putting ourselves out there as a beacon of hope. Some say this is a sign of weakness and you should look out for yourself. A business owner that thinks this way will never truly prosper. They may have some success but never true success.

      I encourage you to be the beacon of light and show people the hope that is within you.

  13. I was doing a search on You Tube about Boomers. The amount of Boomer Bashing was …. Insane. Maybe we deserve it. I don’t think we do! So my job is to provide hope to Boomers so they can realize their self worth as we trudge the journey to nirvana.

    • CJ says:


      No age level deserves to be bashed. Regardless of a person’s age they need hope! The endeavor you have undertaken to provide hope for boomers is a noble cause.

      I encourage you to be the beacon of light and show them that there is hope.

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