The Top-Secret Mind Shifting Challenge

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  1. CJ, I am thoroughly enjoying following your blog posts. Your story, coupled with profoundly valuable content, is proving to be one of the most inspirational things I seek out to read each week. You are proof that with the right attitude and the right mindset, creating a profitable and successful online business is very possible. I found it very interesting the idea that your tone to your brain influences your reaction. I’m a firm believer that what we think about we bring about, but I never thought much about the idea of tone in this equation. I think that’s a very insightful way to put that — and thank you for sharing this golden nugget from the great ol’ Mr. Robbins. His material never gets old.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    • CJ says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

      I’m thrilled to hear that you’re finding value in my blog posts. It means a lot to know that my story and the content I share are encouraging you.

      It’s true, having the right attitude and mindset can truly pave the way for success. And yes, the power of our thoughts and the tone we use in our inner dialogue can have a significant impact on our reactions and outcomes.

      Your encouragement helps drive my passion to keep sharing and uplifting others.

      Thank you again for your support!

  2. Hi CJ, this is indeed a very interesting fact. I know the tone of our voice reflects how we feel but I didn’t know that it can affect our body too when done on purpose. I will try this, just that my wife will find me a bit strange (but I’m used to)😄
    Thank you for your excellent advices.

  3. Hi CJ,
    Very inspiring blog post! I have been working on my mindset the last several weeks and can say it is a requirement to moving forward successfully. With every effort I make there is progress. I enjoyed reading your post and about the tone of speaking and it’s influence. Honestly, I never thought about tone and body language but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing this, I will work on incorporating it in improving my own mindset. Look forward to your next posts!

    • CJ says:


      A health mindset that keeps growing is defiantly a requirement for moving forward. We are able to control our journey by controlling the mind. One way to do that is by the tone of your voice. The tone of your voice programs the mind on how to respond. That response is either positive or negative.

      I am glad to hear this is helping in your Minds Shifting journey.

  4. Ernie says:

    I truly admire you for overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals! I agree a positive mindset is key to almost everything…scratch that, just everything without the almost! I have never thought about the tone of voice aspect you explore. As I thought about your post, I have to agree that this is a major factor in the overall success formula. Well done!

    • CJ says:


      Mindset is the secret sauce that moves people forward. However, most individuals have tendency to blow it off and focus only on the how to. My wish is to educate as many as I can on the need to be a mind shifter.
      Let me know how you do with the Mind Shifter Challenge.

  5. CJ,
    I admire your willingness to try and keep on trying to move ahead. I can relate to the struggles you talked about. When I was 22 months old, I got scarlet fever and chicken pocks at the same time which gave me an extremely high fever, and caused me to start to have seizures. I had started to have twenty-four seizures in one day. I had to wear a helmet on my head so I wouldn’t hurt myself. It got so bad that I started to get paralyzed on one side of my body, then they had to put me in a coma to stop the seizures. They brought them down to 6 a day after that and with medication. After going through all of that there was some damage to one part of my brain. It was my memory part. My whole life I have struggled with school simply because I couldn’t remember anything. I still struggle today with my memory. There are steps I must take in order for me to remember something after learning it. It’s a real struggle for me, but I make do. So, I can totally relate to some of the struggles that you have. I would love to try your challenge to see if it makes a difference in me. Thank you for sharing this with us…

    • CJ says:


      It has taken me 40 years to develop the mindset I currently have. It has been built on one struggle at a time and the determination to overcome it. I had to learn if it’s going to be it’s up to me.

      I fully believe regardless of the struggles you are having you can achieve you dreams. Yes! It may be slower but still attenable.

      On a side note we have another thing in common. When I was a toddler I had scarlet fever and a year later I got scarletina (an advance form of scarlet fever). I remember being put in ice to get my fever down.

      We do have a lot in common. I sent you a friend request.

      Look forward to following your journey.

  6. CJ,
    I am up for the challenge. I am going to start taking in an upbeat tone. Mindset is so important for everyday life and business. Your story and your journey are inspiring and I am pleased to take on this challenge with you.

    • CJ says:


      Welcome to the challenge! An upbeat tone really does make a difference.

      I look forward to hearing about how this has helped shift your mind.

  7. Yes, I am up for the challenge and have signed up for your newsletter. I never knew that the tone of my voice influences how my mind and body respond, and I am happy to try it out over the next 30 days because I understand how powerful the mind is and what you can accomplish when you have the right mindset! I am so sorry about your health issues but know that your determination and perseverance will lead you down a path to overcome this obstacle.

    • CJ says:


      Glad to hear you are joining the mind shifting quest. I was also amazed that something so simple could make such a big difference. Since, I start the quest I’ve had more better days even when they were rough. People have comment how they thought I was doing better and I was laughing and joking more. Not only that people have commented how I’m inspiring them with my upbeat tone despite the struggles.

      I am beyond words at how this simple shift is making a resounding impact.

      I look forward to hearing how it’s changing your life.

  8. Eleanor Hope says:

    Up for this top-secret mind-shifting challenge.
    Mindpower is a favorite topic.

    Look forward to learning more about how the tone of our voice influences & how it affects our mind, body & actions.

    • CJ says:


      Glad to have you aboard embarking on the 30 day mind challenge. I am with you, mindpower is a great subject and one of my favorites also.

      I look forward to hearing how changing your tone has shifted your mind.

  9. Marc says:

    Hi CJ,
    Mindset is definitely something that I’ve been working on since finding Tony Robbins and NLP several years ago. Was it easy to change my mindset? Definitely not but… over time, it did work.
    I unfortunately don’t have the time to join you and others but will definitely be following your journeys!
    Take care & I can’t thank you enough for the upbeat you’ve provided to me!

    • CJ says:


      It’s great to hear you have been working on your mindset over the years. I agree it’s not easy! But the rewards are worth the struggle.

      I’m sorry you couldn’t join the challenge but I’m glad you were able to have and upbeat mindset.

      Take care and keep moving forward.

  10. Vanessa Lea says:

    CJ, you are so correct. A person’s mind and body are so very much connected, and it makes a huge impact on how you feel and your moods. It’s so easy to get sucked into the vortex of all the negativity we are all surrounded by every day. It’s so hard to turn it around and feel focused and positive. Tony Robbins has always been a favorite of mine because he has been studying the effects on your brain, mind, and body for a long time. If we all did just a little of his techniques daily, it could change one’s perspective of life in so many ways for the positive. Wonderful blog post and I’m loving your blog design… well done.

    • CJ says:


      I have to agree, in todays world there is negativity all around us. It’s one of the reason we must continue to grow, strength and protect our minds. Reading and listening to positive mind books and mediation is a great way to drown out the negative noise. The ultimate Edge is a great series for mind growth. Unfortunately it is out of print. The only place I could find a copy was on Ebay. I would recommend going through it if you could locate a copy.

      Have an awesome day an may you continue to grow your mind.

  11. Oh, CJ! I’m excited to hear you’re doing an ongoing mindset challenge. I’ll definitely keep more of an upbeat tone of voice this week. I haven’t spoken any new words since I read your post, yet my shoulders and heart have perked up!
    I’m interested in how much this will affect me in the coming week.
    Looking forward to sharing with you next week!

    • CJ says:


      I’m glad your are excited to partake in the mindset challenge. It’s amazing how just the thought of one small change in mindset can cause us to perk up and change how we feel.

      May your decision to adjust your tone to be more positive cause your mind to shift.

      Your are a mind shifter.

  12. You are a testimony for allowing your life circumstances work for you, and in turn, showering us with your good will and generosity. I deeply appreciate you.
    Yes I will join you on the challenge! I love the idea of monitoring my tone of voice. My mom used to always say, “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. “ Those words did have an impact on my psyche, and I am not always good at living that advice. Particularly, when I get an automated person on the line when I’m trying to pay a bill or reach somebody to talk to.

    Even an automated AI generated “person“ deserves my kindness.

    • CJ says:


      Sharing my life with others has always been a blessing to me. Not for selfish reason but that it might guide an encourage others to reach their maximum potential in life. Part of the journey is how it has caused me to have to focus on changing my mindset. I have gone through a lot of mindset challenges but they have only made me stronger and more resilient. Now as several obstacles have presented themselves, it gives me renew strength to grow my mind even more.
      It is with this new push to grow the mind that I issue this challenge.
      I am glad you have chosen to go on this quest together.

  13. Atif Perwiz says:

    Dear CJ, I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and commitment to helping others, despite facing your own challenges. Your journey to understand and shift the mind for achievement is not only inspiring but also incredibly empowering. Your openness about your struggles with dyslexia and other learning disabilities is a testament to your authenticity and courage. I am truly touched by your willingness to share your personal experiences and insights with us, allowing us to learn and grow alongside you. Your belief that changing the mind can change one’s life resonates deeply with me, and I am eager to embark on this mind-shifting journey with you. The way you break down complex concepts into simple, understandable terms is truly remarkable. Your genuine passion for helping others succeed shines through in every word you write. I am excited to delve into the “Mind Shifting Secrets” you have in store for us and to learn from your wisdom. Your invitation to join you in a 30-day challenge to use positive, upbeat tones of voice is both encouraging and motivating. I wholeheartedly accept this challenge and look forward to sharing my progress with you. Thank you once again for your generosity, kindness, and unwavering support. Your dedication to helping others navigate the world of online marketing and personal development is making a profound difference in the lives of so many. I am incredibly grateful to be on this journey with you.Warm regards, Atif

    • CJ says:


      I’m not sure where to begin. The comments you have given are humbling. SJ and I just live life with two goals. Love God and give as much as we can to others without expecting anything in return. We know if we accomplish that we’ll meet our goals. For it is with this attitude that we embark on this journey, overcome obstacles, and keep building a mindset of a leader. John Maxwell in his law of the lid states that we can only help others to the point at which we have grown. To continue to help others grow we must continue to rise our lid. If we do not then people will seek out a new more advance leader to follow. So, each time an obstacle presents itself we embrace it that we might use the situation to raise our lid and help someone else to grow.

      One of the big things in growth is continuing to learn how to improve the mind.
      Is is with that thought that I issue the challenge and I’m excited for you to go on this journey.

      Cannot wait to see how you do on the mind shifting challenge.

  14. Hi CJ
    I have to change my mindset as I am struggling to stay positive. I found your sharing of how the tone of your voice can affect your body was something that I had not given any thought to in the past. But I will give it a go and see if it works as you say it does. You are an inspiration and you should be proud that you kept on building your business despite all the bad things going on in your life.

    • CJ says:


      You are not alone in your struggles. Even the most positive person in the world struggles from time to time. The true secret is that we get up an try again and each time we get back up it becomes less of struggle. I am proud of you form stepping out and taking on the challenge. It is amazing how one little change can make such a big impact on one’s life.

      You got this and I look forward to hearing how it’s going.

  15. Sarah Goulding says:

    I’m in! I will certainly join you on this challenge. Mindset is everything. I often people say, I can’t do that…. And it’s so frustrating. I once heard someone say, ‘I’m a pessimistic person, it runs in the family, you can’t change it now’ fixed mindsets are so damaging.
    You are what you tell yourself you are, and I’d love to come on the journey with you.
    You are so inspiring, thank you for sharing your personal journey.

    • CJ says:


      Awesome! glad you are onboard with the challenge. It is true that which you to tell yourself is what will come to pass. We are the masters of our mind and the things we put in it will be the things that come out.

      Look forward to hearing how you are doing on the challenge.

  16. Fascinating info, CJ. I’ll definitely try it, thanks!

    • CJ says:


      It is great to see you jumping in on the challenge. I look forward to hearing how things are going.

      Here’s to concurring the challenge.

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