Fit to Thrive: Unleashing the Power of Health for Business Prosperity

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  1. Phil Ramage says:

    CJ and SJ, in my life, my physical body has just about shut down. I can’t walk more than 5 steps without my stick or walking frame. In the house, I have to decide what piece of furniture or wall I am going to aim for to support myself with that is less than 5 steps away. Sometimes I travel twice the distance that I would if I was able to walk directly from A to B. It can take me over a minute to go up or down the 19 stairs between where I sleep and work, and where I eat and communicate with my wife and daughter.

    I replace physical exercise with mental exercise. If I need a break, I play a game or two of Sudoku or Freecell, before returning to working on my online business.

    However, I admire your persistence in keeping your heads above water.


  2. Albert says:

    Hi Cj,

    Thanks for your honest post. I think I needed to read something like that because lately I’ve been too focus on this training while ignoring my health. Even if I do succeed in affiliate marketing, I wont be able to enjoy my rewards because I’ve been ignoring my physical and mental health.
    The last few months I’ve also been trying to get closer to God, and it has helped me emotionally. Thank You

    • CJ says:


      You are welcome. I am glad this was a good reminder for you to but health first.As I write this reply, my life has been turned upside with more challenging health issues. It is now even more critical to but health first. One thing I have learned when it comes to health is pay now or pay later but you will pay. It’s just a matter of making the sacrifices now to be the healthiest version of yourself or be deprived from life you want to live later. I am also encouraged to see you seeking the creator. For SJ and I He is the center of everything we do.

      Remember you are not in this alone. SJ and I are here to help and encourage.

  3. CJ,
    I’m right there with you as a firm believer that our health has a ripple effect on every aspect of our lives. It touches our relationships, business, mood, and mindset. I’ve been a gym enthusiast for most of my life, but I went through a phase where I wasn’t working out. That period coincided with some tough times – I felt down, and my marriage took a hit. Your honesty in your post is truly commendable. Big kudos to you for keeping your business going strong! I know you and SJ make an awesome team, and I’m genuinely excited to track your progress. Here’s to a steady improvement in your health journey!

    • CJ says:


      Isn’t amazing how fast things turn around once you stop pursuing the best version of yourself. You work so hard to get where your at and then you fall off the wagon so to speak. When you do you notice the negative changes in every area of your life. I am going through a similar situation with my recent health issues. I was doing great but my health knocked me backwards so I am not currently able to exercise. I am fighting to get the use of my muscles back and I’m doing all I can do but it’s still had not being able to exercise. I know it will be a hard slow start to begin again. However, I am determined to be the best version of myself I can be.

      I do empathize with you, it is not easy to stay consistent, especially in tough times, that is why I encourage people like yourself to create a “WHY” statement for healthy living. Just like in online marketing, it helps pull one through on those tough days.

      I am glad to here you are making progress on being the best version of yourself.

      You Got This!

  4. Hi CJ and SJ!
    Faith is the key ingredient to many other facets of our lives. You have each other and are committed to your faith, your love, your family, and improving your health while also having faith in growing your business.
    I am thankful that our affiliate marketing journey has let our paths cross!
    You both are in my continued prayers for having the strength to continue moving ahead on all accounts!
    I look forward to our continued communications! I deeply appreciate your personal honesty in your writing.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    • CJ says:


      It is such a blessing for SJ and I to have our faith and each other. When we got married the minister made a statement, “The couple that plays together, stays together”. This is true for SJ and I. We do everything together and would not have it any other way. We support and encourage each other ever day and roll with the flow good or bad.

      With all that said, health and online journey are no different. We pursue them in lock step together with God leading the way. This doesn’t me their are not hard days or days when stink-in think-in creeps in. On those day we lock together even tighter and keep moving forward.

      I encourage you not to only pursue your online marketing but also strive to be the best healthy version of yourself.

  5. Atif Perwiz says:

    CJ&SJ, what an amazing blog thank you so much. I really appreciate you being so open and honest about what you’re going through. Firstly I pray that you get hundred percent fit and healthy and you’re able to get all cylinders running again. I can really appreciate the resilience that you have of dealing with this, and you have such a positive attitude towards it and that you won’t let it get you down. I do believe that is due to your faith in God. The almighty, our creator gives you strength when you don’t believe you have it. The areas you have defined around different parts of health, physical, mental, stamina etc was so important and you’re absolutely right. You’ve made me think about my own health and even though thank God I don’t have any issues I do need to lose weight and as you get older it’s not going do me any good. Dean mentioned last week in the event, the nine things that we should do to have a successful year and one of them was about dropping a bad habit. And I think that’s the one I need to do even though it’s hard it’s not impossible. thank you so much for the reminder. I wish you both the very best and take care. Thanks, Atif

    • CJ says:


      You are more than welcome and thanks for the get well thoughts.To answer your question, Yes, SJ and I draw our strength from God whom is at the center of all we do! When I ended up in bad back for those years, I had to make a decision, one I could play the victim and be pour pour pitiful me or I could count my blessing and use the circumstance to influence and encourage others. As you guessed, I chose to become the change I wish to be in the world and encourage others. Every day I wake and count my blessings and say my thanks. If you do this each day there is no room for negative thoughts. In my current health, I continue to strive to be the light God wants me to be.

      Next, If you do want to change your health to be the best version of yourself, I encourage you to build a “WHY”. Just like in online marketing, the “WHY” is what will pull you through on days you don’t feel like taking the time to work on your better you. I has to become such a priority and mission that nothing will stop you from reaching that goal. The best advise I have is start small. As I mentioned in one of the other comments, it only takes 15 minutes to bring up a YouTube video to walk a mile. Once you do that SLOWLY add a couple minutes. If your consistent the small steps will add up.

      In closing, I’d like to leave you with a quote I wrote when I was in bed for those years.

      “Water is to plants as hardships are to people, both are required for growth”

  6. Sandy says:

    I wish you both well. Great points, very important to make sure we all take care of ourselves, if i don’t on my end, i won’t leave something behind for my family – this is very important to me. I will probably post this on my side as well, Lost 100 lbs, (20 years but gained some and lost some again in passed 10 yrs) quite smoking, (20 years ago) quit drinking (2.5 years now) I want to be around for those grandbabies of mine. And if we don’t do it for myself, i have no one to blame.
    like i said great post.. hope you are back on the mend, both of you.


    • CJ says:


      Thanks for the well wishes. I congratulate you on the weight lost, stopping smoking and drinking. As with online marketing celebrate the wins. All of us are going to have ups, downs and setback. The important part is to remember it’s a journey. Sound familiar? Each of us must continue to work on being the best healthy version of ourself we can be. I encourage you and anyone who reads this to build a why for your health. Not sure how, check out the first three post in this blog. It looks like you have a good start on one. Take time to refine it so it drives you to be the best version of yourself.

      You Got This!

  7. Eleanor Hope says:

    CJ, it’s taken me many years to get comfortable with the idea of running your own business as I worked in Mental Health and well-being, and from what I understood when you’re self-employed you need to work hard. In fact, in both settings, I saw others working hard to their health detriment and I have followed although I have become better. But how do you balance being self-employed (and all that implies) as well as taking time for self-care?

    • CJ says:


      I hope you don’t mind me doing a little straight talk. But first let me give some back ground. I use to work 3 job and go to school full time and then I took a job working 100 hours a week and started sleeping under my desk because it was easier than driving home. I say this because I know what it is to work long hours and give all you have to your work. I thought I needed to do the long hours to take care of my family. I didn’t give my health much thought. Now fast forward a few years and my life was turned upside down & was in bed for almost 7 years. Then I ended up dealing with pancreatitis which put me in an out of the hospital. During these time and current I don’t wish I had more time to work, I wish I would have full health back. At that point the job/self employment not longer was my high priority, it became my health. The first thing I have learned is if you want to be healthy and thrive you MUST make it a priority, If it’s never a serous priority one will never do it. I have found that if something is truly important enough a person will make time for it.OUCH!! It will almost defiantly require some sacrifices and changes in your life but again How important is it? For SJ and I God is first, health is second, family is third and our online business is fourth and our 9 to 5 is last. This is not easy and requires a lot of sacrifices but we know in the end it will be worth it all. Now for some practical steps to take to move in that direction. Find a mentor or some one to buddy up with that will hold you accountable. I don’t need to explain the value of this. Next, start out small. Go to YouTube and search for walk a mile. There are a number of them. They are only 15 minutes a day. SJ and I have found its best to do it first thing in the morning before our day gets to busy. Everyone has 15 minutes a day to walk. Next, during the day stop and walk around for 5 minutes, stretch and if possible step outside for a minute. Remember, little things do add up. when you make these a constant habit you will see small changes and when your ready to move up add to it. No need to change the world in a day. Last, I encourage you to set a time on your calendar weekly, if possible but max monthly to spend with your family that doesn’t entail work. For SJ and I, we take every third Saturday. No doctors, 9-to-5, or other distractions.Since you work in mental health you know well that change requires a a change in mindset. Find some books you can listen to that will provide you encouragement. Currently, I’m listening to Tony Robins. I hope this helps and SJ and I are here to help anyway we can. You can do this. I believe in you.


  8. Hi friends! I’m interested in how you give yourself permission to take the time away from your business to focus on exercise and nutrition. You are right. My poor health has such a direct impact on my business, I’ve been trying to improve it. But I feel like I need more time. This is silly. I must make time or the results will be bad. How do you wrap your mind around taking time out to go for a walk, let’s say? I have a treadmill ready to go, but I don’t use it.

    My mom loves to paint, but she never paints. She always thinks she will later. I’m in the same spot when it comes to exercising.

    What is your advice?

    • CJ says:


      You asked a fantastic question. How do I and SJ give ourselves permission to take time out of our business for exercise and nutrition. First I’d like to make a subtle but very powerful change to the question. First, we don’t! We take time out of our excise and nutrition to work our 9-5, doctor’s appointment, our business and other things. Did you notice the subtle change in the wording? This mindset shift is important. It places health and nutrition at the top of the list (besides our faith). It get scheduled before any business or work or what ever else comes along. Till one makes this mind-shift they will continue to struggle because there will never be enough time in a day to force exercise and nutrition into the schedule.

      Second, without the exercise and nutrition we would not have any of the other things. The saying is you pay now or you pay later but you will pay.

      The thing to remember is you are not alone in this struggle. Millions if not billions of dollars are spent on gym membership, exercise equipment and diets each year. A good majority of the equipment sits collecting dust and acting as cloths hangers. As, I said, this is because people try to fit health into their schedule instead of fitting everything else into the health schedule.

      My hope is this at least gives you something to ponder and a place to start.

      I know you can do this!

  9. James Coe says:

    Hey CJ, I liked the fact, that you can sharing your true-life stories. It makes your audience feel you’re a real guy and they know, like, and they will trust you. That said, vet-to-vet, avoid jail, Go Pass Go, and Collect Your $200 Dollars. You’ve added a ton of value by sharing your bumps in the road.

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for the complement. My and SJ’s goal is to be a transparent beacon of light that points the way to safety. Not only in internet marketing but in life itself. Every time we write a post, produce content, leave a comment or send an email we give whole heartedly of ourselves, that we may create a movement of change for those seeking their dreams.

      SJ is a big Monopoly fan and loved your analogy.

      May we continentally provide value that change people’s lives one piece of content at a time.

  10. Marc says:

    Hi CJ,
    As a fellow retired Infantry Officer, I can definitely relate to what you mention relative to your health. I let mine slip for several years and now, with the help of my wife, we are both taking care of each other because, as you mention it, without your health, you close a lot of doors.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts and sending you some healing vibes my friend!
    Take care!
    P.S. My father (another retired vet) said something very true at his retirement party: they give us all the medals and commendations but its our wives who keep the glue of the family together; I’m happy that you, like me, have that support at home.

    • CJ says:


      It truly is a blessing beyond compare to have a spouse that no matter the situation they are going to be there encouraging you to reach your dreams. It is even more special when they jump and work countless hours to reach that dream together. Each day we wake up pushing each other to take the next step and be consistent. I do not know how I would do it without her. She is defiantly the glue that holds it all together.

      SJ and I also encourage each other in our health goals and exercise goals. I am glad you see you have someone that does the same. On those days when you least want to do it, you have someone that pushes you to do it anyway.

      May you and your wife continue striving to be the best versions of yourselves.

  11. CJ/SJ – Although I have read many of your posts up to this point, I have to say this might be my favorite one yet. Health and healing is my passion and therefore I know I will be focusing this as my main platform for my business. I have witnessed time and time again how people don’t often realize just how much their health plays a part in their professional journey until such time as they lose it. I have always found it so cliche to say, however it’s so very true: your health plays a vital role in not only creating your business but maintaining its success.

    What I absolutely appreciate about you two is that you are very transparent about your journey and your challenges, and I can truly appreciate that with that openness you are also sharing how you are planning to overcome them. There is so much strength in this and every one of us can benefit from continuing to read your story.

    I wish you the MOST speedy recovery and we look forward to hearing how you overcame this last bump in the road.

    • CJ says:


      I am glad you enjoyed the post. I have to give SJ a lot of credit for this one. I wrote the draft and then SJ completely revamped it while I’m in the hospital. Of course I’m horrible when it comes to grammar. She proofs everything for me. We certainly complement each other’s strengths and weakness. It allows us to offer double the help and expertise.

      As far as being transparent, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If by SJ and I sharing our experience, it improves the life of someone else then we have accomplished our mission. There are some many people that are in need of someone they can relate to. Our hope is to be that shinning light for them.

      This includes encouraging others to be the best healthiest version of themself. Health does matter, it’s not just a fad.

      State tune as more of our story unfolds.

  12. I subscribed to your list and it went through perfectly! Bravo. As for your health, keep following what you know to be true, and you will have already succeeded.

    • CJ says:


      I am glad to here that your subscription sign up process when smoothly. We hope to start sending out weekly emails and introducing our subscriber family to our social media content soon. We are currently setting these up.

      As, far as continuously pursuing our health, for SJ and I there is no other option. The alternative is unacceptable.

      May you pursue the best version of yourself you can be.


  13. Sasha says:

    What an impactful and relatable post! Your journey with health challenges and their profound effects on your entrepreneurial ventures is truly inspiring. The emphasis on the interconnectedness of health, business success, and personal relationships is a crucial reminder for us all. Your insights into the advantages of good health in the online marketing journey, from energy to mental clarity, are invaluable. It’s commendable how you’ve turned challenges into opportunities and prioritized well-being. Wishing you continued success in both health and business! Thrive on!

    • CJ says:


      I am glad the post was relatable and had an impact. Every time SJ and I write a post our goal is to impact and inspire the lives others. That is why the saying, “EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE OF THEIR LIVES.”by AUBREY JOHNSON is posted on the front page of our blog. Through our online ventures or goal is to empower people to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.

      Part of this is encouraging others to be the healthiest version of themselves so they can thrive personally, professionally, and in business.

      It is important to realize that health does matter.

      May you strive to be the best version of yourself!


  14. Vanessa Lea says:

    Hi CJ and SJ,

    Great post, and oh so true. Without your health, you really can’t live a life of productivity and consistency. One must look after their health to be the best version of themselves. It’s like a mom with children. You can’t be a good mom to your children if you’re not caring for yourself and your health. When it comes to business, marriage, children, or life in general, you must put yourself first to navigate and live for others around you.

    • CJ says:


      It is so true that we must take care of ourself before we take care of others. Some look at this as being selfish but it’s not. If one is going to have the energy to help others they MUST look after their own health first. It reminds me of flying on a plane. The flight attendant goes over the oxygen mask instructions. One of the things is for the adult to put on there mask before aiding a child or another person. This is because in those instances you don’t put on your mask first, you are more a liability than a help. This applies to one’s health as well. If one doesn’t take care of them self, they become more of a liability than help to those around them.

      May you prosper with good health and remember to take time to refuel your mind, body and soul

  15. Hi CJ, I am so sorry to hear about your health battles. My grandma always said, “If you have your health, you have everything,” and this is so true. Health is often taken for granted.

    I will admit that I have definitely ignored my health. It wasn’t until I got into one of those life-or-death situations that I made big decisions and put my health first.

    COVID-19 was a game changer, allowing businesses to operate online, and I often think this should have been and should continue to be the status quo. There are so many people out there disabled and affected by health issues and unable to work a physically taxing job, but going online opened the doors and allowed them entry and the ability to do jobs they once couldn’t.

    I wish you much health and success in 2024, and I am so glad you have a partner to help you through the challenges.

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for you kind words. You are not alone in ignoring your health. As I pointed out I Ignored my for quite sometime. Then a little over a year ago the doctor said I had 2 options. the first eat healthy and get in the best physical shape possible and live along life despite the health issues. The second option is short life and 6 feet under. This gives a whole new meaning to being healthy. Of course, I choose the first option and pursue it everyday.

      Going online is vital for managing my health. I need to be able to control my time and schedule. Where in my 9 to 5 they control it. For me this journey is not just something I wish to do but a necessity to survive. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing what I’m doing online and have a passion to help couples and individual pursue their online dreams. Each individual, SJ and I are able to help is exciting.

      From the SJ CJ Team, may you pursue the best version of yourself and prosper.

  16. Alan Lim says:

    Hi Cj, thank you for sharing your story. Indeed, health is extremely important and should not be taken for granted. Even a minor health issue can greatly affect productivity.

    I thought it is also worth mentioning that emotional health is also very important. Especially for people who have been failing for a very long time. They may be carrying years of emotional baggage without realizing it and they need to learn how to let go. After all, emotional health can affect physical health and vice versa.

    Do take care and have a speedy recovery.

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for pointing out the value of emotional health. It falls in with the mental clarity. However, it does need to be looked at in more depth. Good emotional health plays an important part in one’s success. individuals that suffer from emotional trauma defiantly have a long road ahead. Over coming emotional issues, I believe are one if not the hardest thing to overcome. The good news is one can still become the best version of themselves through the pursuit of finding a qualified individuals to help overcome these issues.

      One thing that is important to remember. Pursuing the best version of one’s self is a life long pursuit. As health situations change so does our ability to be what we once were. This changes what our best version of ourself can be. Where ever one’s health is at, they still can pursue each and everyday to be the best version of the self.


  17. Tiny says:

    Interesting post, and I take the sentiment on board, “better health equals Better Business, but I would be keen to hear some specifics. What does it mean to be “the best version of yourself”, what are you doing to become more healthy, and how are you measut=ring it? I would love to hear more!. Thanks for posting

    • CJ says:


      You may not be a spiritual person, but for SJ and I having a strong spiritual relationship in God is the first part of being the best version of ourselves. This followed by feeding our minds with positive thoughts, finding the good in all situations and counting our blessings everyday. In addition, SJ and I both are on very restrictive diets, which we both adhere to without waiver. Both of us realize what we eat effects the quality of life we can live. So, we eat right to be the best version of ourself we can become. Next, SJ and I exercise everyday, except for days when health struggles don’t permit it. Currently, we are walking a minimum of a mile a day. We are hoping to slowly increase things because being the best version of ourself is in part being in the best shape physically despite health challenges. Last, being the best version our ourself includes pursuing our goals and dreams. This pursuit will eventually give us the freedom to live life on our terms.

      This isn’t easy to do everyday. it takes a lot of self discipline and a strong desire to succeed.

      These are great questions and thanks for asking them.


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