Crossroads of Online Marketing… Going It Alone VS. Guided By A Mentor

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  1. Tom Bledzki says:

    I agree with you, CJ.
    I have had mentors since I started my property journey. Some were good, some not.
    But as you said it can speed up the learning and helps to avoid costly mistakes.
    I still have different mentors for different subjects, like money mindset or business and wealth. I like to go to live events organised by them as this gives me the chance to meet other successful people, millionaires and a billionaire. I was once told that I have to be surrounded by reach people, and I must be the poorest in the room.

    • CJ says:


      As I have mentioned in some of the other replies here. Tony Robbins talks about having 3 pillars to success and the second pillar is you MUST have a mentor to succeed. He goes on to say that you need a mentor in every area of your life you’re working to improve both in business and personal. In this case we are talking about online marketing but as you mentioned it is good to have them in every area of life.

      Just a side note, as you stated having mentors exposes you to others is one of the key benefits of having a mentor.

      Onward and Upward my friend.

  2. Alan Lim says:

    When I first started online, I used to purchased a lot of information products that cost anywhere from 7 to 97 bucks. Before I realized it, a few years were gone and I have bought hundreds of them.

    When you add up the cost, they ranged in the thousands. Imagine instead of buying hundreds of “low cost” products, I have spent that on mentoring instead, I would probably have gotten much better results.

    I guess the saying about “being cheap is expensive” is true when trying to grow a business online.

    • CJ says:


      In business there is no room for being cheap. One must make sound investments that are done through proper due diligence and research. But businesses often try it find the cheapest route to go to their own detriment. You can see this played out in the online marketing world. Business owners go it alone thinking it going to be cheaper but it ends up killing their business. Instead, if they invested in a mentor it would have helped the thrive instead of dive.
      I am glad you have taken your business in a different direction and invested in a mentor.
      May your Journey be bright and fruitful.

  3. Marc says:

    Hi CJ,
    I’m with you on this point: get a mentor; it’s worth its weight in gold!
    My point of view is that, as you mentioned, we have a limited amount of time and even if we have limited financial ressources, it’s sometimes more worthwhile to invest that money into a mentor because, most times, you’ll spend just as much of that money trying to get to the same point a mentor would bring you in half the time.
    All the best!

    • CJ says:


      You made a valid point, The right mentor is worth it’s weight in gold. Plus, the right mentor will save you time and money and is more cost effective than going it alone. Getting a mentor is a worthwhile investment. The key word being investment. The money laid out for a mentor is indeed an investment in ones self.

      Thank for the commenting!

  4. Ernie says:

    Finding a mentor…the right mentor is key. I almost went at it alone and am so glad I did not! I am so proud to have also found Dean and I wish others to find him, or someone like him, to help guide (not guarantee) success! Please keep your blog going strong as it is so helpful to me and others, I am sure!

    • CJ says:


      You nailed it on the head! Finding the right mentor is key!! Hiring the wrong mentor is no better than going it alone. My advise to anyone is to approach mentors with a little bit of skepticism. Then do extensive research on them and then try some of their free or low cost offers to test them out.Yes, you need to find a mentor but as stated it needs to be one that provides you with what you want and need.

      Good luck with your mentor and keep moving forward.

  5. Hi CJ,
    I agree that mentoring is key to success in any field, including affiliate business! In the last 13 years I have tried a variety of online business, such as life coaching, MLM, drop ship and direct sales. All of which I would have had potential success or more success if I had a mentor. They were available, but I was just not seeing the ability to pay for mentoring. In exchange for the fear of paying for a mentor I ended up loosing about 45K doing it all wrong. This time around is different. I’m not afraid of paying a good mentor like Dean, much more will be made back. This way it’s investing in my business instead of wasting it.
    Great post, until your next posts!

    • CJ says:


      Like anything admitting where one went wrong and changing directions is the first step to a brighter future. You cannot change the past but can make course correction going forward. I am glad you made the course correction to hire a mentor instead of continually going it alone. This is not an easy change when looking at the cost. But you have the right attitude in looking at the fact that it will eventually pay for itself and then some. As I like to say it’s and investment in one self.

      Onward and Upwards!!
      You Got This!

  6. Atif Perwiz says:

    CJ, thank you so much. I originally tried to go alone after some short training sessions from various people. And even though what they taught was very good and valuable it didn’t tie everything together. It didn’t walk you through the issues you’re going to have and how to do certain things. even though I believe it’s possible to do it alone, I believe it will take many years to learn how to do it. When we learn to drive or learn to cook or learn how to sew clothes, the best way is to learn from somebody who not only has done it, but he’s also qualified in it . This gives you the confidence that you’re being taken on the right path by somebody who knows what they’re doing and they’ve done it before. I’ve not used Russell yet, but who knows I may do in the future, but once I got Dean as a mentor, not only did it give me a path to follow. It gave me small processes to set things up , it gave me a place to get my questions answered, he gave me a community to be part of, but above all the most important thing was it changed and corrected my mindset. You can have all the ideas in the world you can have all the money in the world nothing is gonna work, unless your mindset is correct for what you’re intending to do . Great blog thank you so much. Talk again soon. Thanks, Atif.

    • CJ says:


      There are many courses that are good and have value. But as you said,’they didn’t tie everything together”. That was my experience as well. I would be learning something an then there would be this gapping whole in the information be provide and I would have to start to search the internet blackhole for answers and it led me down one path after another to the point I would never get back to the original thing that cause me to start searching in the first place. I found this to very common in a lot of training programs. I don’t blame them as most people who teach other assume their pupils have certain knowledge that they don’t. This leaves to gaps in the training.

      It is rare that you find people like Dean who breaks it down so simple and assumes you know nothing.

      Good mentors are hard to find in all walks of life, including online marketing.

      I agree a good mentor helps one adjust their mindset as Dean did for you. How we think really does determine one’s level of success. As we go on our journey we’ll continue to have paradigm shifts that will allow us to grow to the next level.

      I have seen you growing personally and know that the growth is going to pay off.

      Keep growing and working on the mind for it will determine your destination.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I love this post because I too was not sure if I could afford to get a mentor. There are also so many people out there who want to be your mentor and think they can help you. It’s hard to decipher who has the goods and knows what to do in this new era of affiliate marketing. I believe too, that Dean Holland gets it and understands how to help beginners become affiliate marketers. It’s hard for most mentors to go back and recall those early steps, but I feel that Dean knows just how to do this. He also has hired some great people who know how to coach you into success. I feel especially grateful to have found such an ethical mentor in this field where there are so many who are ‘get rich quick’ type of leaders.

    • CJ says:


      When one starts looking for a mentor it requires a different train of thought. The should I or should I not hire a mentor requires a shift in our thought process. We often get caught up in the cost instead of asking how can I afford it. When we make that transition and focus on obtaining a way to afford it things start to change. As Tony Robbins says”Where focus is energy flows”. This means you shift into full gear on making a way to afford a mentor instead of focusing on why you can’t.

      I am glad you found a mentor to take you on your path.

      Know they are more precious that fine jewels.

  8. Lauren Millman says:

    CJ/SJ: I just love this! I, too, can resonate with trust issues related to those “experts” in this industry. I think it’s absolutely healthy to be cautiously optimistic however I know from past experiences, that has burned me. I think strength comes from trusting just one more time.. and allowing God to put someone fantastic in your path. I am familiar with Dean Holland and I think you found someone pretty fantastic. His guidance and mentorship appear second to none! I love reading your story! I look forward to next time.

    • CJ says:

      I am building a business for GOD!! Each day I pray that he leads the way and puts people in my path to help along the journey. I do believe finding Dean and Russel as mentors was a God given blessing. The saying “He can do abundantly above anything we can ask or think is so true. Though sometimes it’s hard to wait on him.

      As with myself I am glad you found a mentor and understand the value it provides over going it alone.

      It is more precious than gold or silver.

  9. Hi CJ & SJ – Great subject! Very valuable read!
    I resonated with all of this great post.
    I tried for a couple of years to do it alone and figure it out myself but it only led me down rabbit hole after rabbit hole and I was going nowhere.
    I had a ton of purchased information, and a lot was quite valuable, I still have it today to use in the future but equally, a lot of what I purchased was total rubbish. At that time though I didn’t know the difference between the good and the rubbish.
    I had also signed up for programmes that were majorly over-promised and then seriously under-delivered. I was left so confused and frustrated.
    Those experiences cost me a lot of money, money that was not spare by any stretch of the imagination.
    I had come to the realisation I needed help, but I had been burned so I was now very skeptical, like yourself and SJ, I just didn’t know who to trust.
    One day I came across Sophie in a FB Post, it wasn’t her post but she had commented. Her comment led me to her profile and that led me to Dean. As soon as I watched the Iceberg Effect Audio I knew finally, I was in the right place and not for one minute since then have I seconded guess that knowing.
    Having a mentor, the right mentor has been the best and wisest decision I have made. Yes, you will have to pay for it but it is not an expense as you say… it is an investment, and in my view with Dean…a very wise decision indeed.

    • CJ says:


      I am glad you found value in the post!! It truly is easy to chase rabbit and get stuck in their rabbit holes. The problem with rabbit holes is they are never ending. They rob people of time, energy and money. Most people eventually give up their dreams because they come to the conclusion they never find the answers that lead them to success.

      I have found that in a lot of these cases they refused to get mentor because it was just to expensive. To get beyond this mindset requires a shift in how one thinks of money. One must change and see it as an investment in one’s self and not an expense.

      I am glad you were able to get out of he rabbit holes and link up with a good mentor.
      Keep me posted on how you are progressing.

  10. Nathan says:

    I’ve gone through a similar experience, lots of courses, and tools (to help me go it alone). Some bad, some just not really right for me at the time as I’d gotten ahead of myself. Some me just not staying focused.

    I absolutely agree that it’s important to find a mentor, a good mentor can help us save a lot of money and time along the way. And I think a good mentor won’t just have one trick to teach us, they’ll first give us the foundation we need to succeed in a variety of endeavors, and they can help us with a wide variety of tactics, helping us with what works well for us.

    • CJ says:

      Staying focused can be a difficult thing with all the distraction around us. We are bombarded with things from all directions. That is one of the main reasons we need a good mentor. They help keep us focused on the path we are traveling. Due to that focus, in the end it does save lots of time an money over going it alone. In the long run going it alone has been proven to be more costly than hiring a mentor.

      I am glad you are on the right path with a mentor.

  11. This is a fantastic video, CJ. Thank you so much for sharing. I struggled with this as well. I was so nervous about spending money I didn’t have and going into debt to hire a mentor. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it, and to be honest, I still have days when I wake up in a panic, thinking, did I make the right decision? Should I keep going, shelling out all this money with no return? I think spending money on a mentor is needed for success, but finding the right mentor is crucial. Hoping my mentor is the real deal and I can turn all this debt into success following his proven plan and hope the same for you!

    • CJ says:


      Glad you found the video fantastic!

      You are not alone in the struggle of should I or Should I not get a mentor. It is a big decision. Many mentorship programs cost the same as a good used vehicle. It is no small outlay to join one. Then when someone chooses to join one of these groups, we are often in need of turning profit as quickly as possible. When this doesn’t transpire as fast as we think it should, we begin to doubt the decision. I know I’ve been there.

      But rest assure you have made the right choice and are in the right please. I say this from experience. Jus stay with it and it will get you where you need to go.

      You Got This!!

  12. Kelli Hansel says:

    Love your post and video. I like how you lay out the differences between going it alone and having a mentor. I can’t see myself getting anywhere without a mentor, and Dean is an excellent one! I also like how you shared your story leading up to finding Dean and Russel.

    • CJ says:


      Glad you loved the post and video!

      Since I’ve changed my point of view concerning having mentors, I would not go it alone in any part of life where I am working to build or improve on. I am studying Tony Robins and one of his three pillars is if you want to achieve success in any area of life you MUST have a MENTOR.

      Many people don’t understand why you would want to pay the price for a mentor. But they loose sight of the wasted time and money it takes to do it alone.

      I am glad you found Dean! He is great mentor and I’m very happy with him.

  13. Robert Klein says:

    I like how you start out your written content with a third person summary. Have you ever thought about having an AI voice narrator do that summary in your video? It was nice to see the contrast between your experience of going it alone and the benefits of relying on a mentor or two. I must say that I’ve had nightmares about pricey premiums of mentors of days gone by. But it sounds like you’ve hit gold with Dean and Russell.

    • CJ says:


      Thanks for your suggestion! I had not thought of that. Currently, I have been just trying a few things to see how they work and to learn from them. This week I learned that video on a blog isn’t as effective as text and images. Plus learned if I want to do video I needed to move it over to YouTube. This is counter to what I thought. But I surveyed individuals that read a lot of blogs and the IP team and all agree, Move the audio and video to appropriate platforms built for that kind of media. I will be moving in that direction as I improve the look and feel of the blog.

      Thanks again,

  14. Kate Loving says:

    Hi CJ! Points well taken. Look at it this way: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Yes, I’ve had mentors in the past who seemingly dropped me in the wilderness to ultimately figure my own way out of rugged terrain.
    I am so happy to find Dean and Russel too although I don’t work directly with Russel.

    Peace and happy blog hopping!.

    • CJ says:


      You are correct, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. One of my big mistakes was my business was at kindergarten level and I was hiring college professor for my mentors. This left a huge gap in understanding. I needed to learn the abc for my business and the professor was teach quantum physics. The professor was a great mentor but I just wasn’t at the level to take advantage of his mentoring for my business. This resulted in wasted time and money. It wasn’t the mentors fault, I just hire someone that was at a level beyond what I needed. This was a tough lesson to learn. But I did learn it. That is why I now ask the question can this product or mentor help where I am at now. If not then there is not need to spend any more time evaluating them. There are mentors that I aspire to work with some day but I am not at that level in my business for them to help me.

      Thanks for you comment.

  15. I chose the mentorship route to quicken my success. I concluded that the cost of mentorship will be compensated by my business making a profit. I could have stumbled about learning a new business independently, but I knew it would take a long time, and success wouldn’t be guaranteed. Following a proven plan is a better way to go for me.

    • CJ says:


      Congratulations on your mindset concerning a mentor. It is true that if you keep moving forward your business should eventually pay for the cost. However, more importantly in my option is the time savings. As I’ve mentioned before time is money. We cannot get back our time but we can get back the money. A good mentor helps shorten the leaning process, thus saving time and getting your business to profitability faster than doing it alone. I have had to have a mind shift in this area. I use to look at the cost and say I cannot afford that. Instead now I ask how can I afford it.

      Don’t get me wrong I haven’t gotten wealthy all of sudden. I just have change how I view it. I have learned over the years if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it.

      Thanks for your comment.

  16. Tony says:

    Hi, thought provoking blog! I have two questions, one, how do you guys personally decide what value you are getting from a mentor to decide if it is paying off or if you are getting ripped off. And… the Elephant in the room how much is your mentorships costing you verses how much you are earning?

    • CJ says:


      These are 2 great questions! In the past I wasn’t wise enough to have much of any criteria. If sounded good and I thought it would teach me what I wanted and I could find a way to afford it I purchased it. I do not recommend anyone going about it this way. After being bunt several I learned to evaluate it under much stricter terms. So hear is what I look at now. I research the program and the person/company that is offering it. Do they have a good reputation? Next, does someone I know, like and trust recommend it. Is this going to solve a problem that I am having now. Not later but now. there are a lot of good programs out there but they are way beyond my current level, I won’t be able to take advantage of them.
      Next, after doing my due diligence if it still seams viable I will sign up for their free course or book and study them to see how they team and mentor. The I ask myself are they the real deal. If so I may purchase a slightly more expansive product from them to test the waters. If I still am skeptical then I walk away. If I trust them then I will consider purchasing there advanced program. This is how I found my last 2 mentor that I mentioned in the post. So far using this method I have not got burnt.

      I no longer look at things needed for my personal or business growth as an expense. To me it is an investment and if it can save me time and take me to the next step in my journey it is worth the investment. Some times the investment pays off quickly and sometime it takes time. However if it keeps me moving in the direction I desire then it is a success.

      A wise person once told me you will work, work , work , work , work. Then you will work, work, work, work, get paid. Then you will work, work, work get paid, get paid and so on and so forth. The wise person understood most investments do not happen over night and require a lot of work before you’ll see the results.

      Tony again thanks for you comment and asking those questions.

  17. Acasha Klewe says:


    Another great topic and I love your personal story. I too crave mentorship and see it as a vital ingredient to my personal and professional growth. Being able to also mentor others on the other side of it also gives me great satisfaction. For myself, I almost see my blog as an extension of that same energy -it gives me that platform to share my experiences and offer coaching to others navigating the same challenges, and then the opportunity to engage in the comments. Its very satisfying, particularly in this modern age where oftentimes I think we feel so disconnected from a greater sense of community.


    • CJ says:


      After writing this blog, I was listening to my Tony Robins Ultimate Power set that I’m going through this year. In it he mentions there are 3 success. The second pillar was find a mentor in every area of your life you wish to change & succeed. In it he stresses that your time is more valuable than money. You can get money back but you cannot get time back. For most this required a total mind shift because we look at the dollars and cents it costs and discount the value of time.

      You are correct your blog is an extension of your mission to help others reach their goals and dream. The ability to share allows you to guide others on their path. I know you will do great things and lead your tribe as you go.

      Thanks for the comment.

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